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"Art & Nature"

Showcasing Tasmyn and Andrew's collaboration on this magnificent King Protea.

Prints available for purchase.







"Cape Town Portraits"

Showcasing Tasmyn's digital designs of famous spots in Cape Town, South Africa

Prints available for purchase.

Our Story

Tasmyn is proud to collaborate with other talented South African artists. Our shared commitment to uniqueness and creativity is what makes our collaborations so special. By working together, we are able to showcase the beauty of South Africa in a truly remarkable way. Our shared passion for originality and ingenuity is what sets our collaborations apart and makes them truly remarkable. Through our collaborative efforts, we are able to effectively showcase the unparalleled beauty of South Africa in a way that is both unique and captivating.

Meet The Collaborators

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 12.50.27.png

Floristic Fireworks

By Dr. Andy Baxter

Studying the very landscapes that we love for their rustic beauty, Dr Andrew Baxter is as fascinating as his subject. At the peak of his academic career, he started an outdoor clothing brand from his garage, grew it into a household name (CapeStorm Outdoor Apparel), and now – he’s become a renowned photographer. He developed an interest in macro photography and has subsequently expanded that into what he calls ‘floristic fireworks’ – his latest project and series to showcase the incredible beauty of the Fynbos and highlight the rich biodiversity by presenting it in a unique way. 

Do you want to purchase one of these phenomenal photographs? Email to purchase your print, or enquire about wholesale now.


Soul Art

By Lilah Wolpert

After more than 24 years in corporate HR, Lilah bravely and boldly stepped into a new career, as a Healer and Spiritual Therapist. With a successful and busy practice for almost a decade, Lilah uses her abilities to create the most exquisite Soul Artworks. Lilah uses her intuitive abilities to tune into her clients to creates a masterpiece - unique to each individual and their soul energy. Each artwork is created on canvas, using acrylic paints and mediums such as her hands, sticks, porcupine quills, feathers and fabrics to birth these magnificent soul collages. 

Are you interested in purchasing your own, one-of-a-kind, Soul Artwork?

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