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Welcome to my business where I create and sell hand-drawn and digitally-drawn, bespoke mandala designs and products from my home in Cape Town, South Africa. I also collaborate on design collections with my best friend, who creates incredible mandala designs from her home in Switzerland. 


I started up this business, with the encouragement of family and friends, as a platform to share my creations and to offer others the joy I get from creating these mandalas. I work with positive intentions in each creation, holding the hope that these designs will find their way into the homes of loving people who are wanting to find and spread a little joy! 

Tasmyn Danae Designs as a business brand is a combination of my life's passions: my passion for people, my passion for finding joy, and my passion for nature and our natural world. Should you be interested in collaborating with me, then please get in touch!

Creating this online store is only just the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, and I am so grateful to you, my wonderful customers, for your support of my creative space! I hope that these mandalas bring you the strength to do whatever it is that your heart desires, for they represent that dreams do come true. 

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