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Proteas from South Africa

Where we started


Tasmyn Danae Designs

During her Bachelor of Social Work degree, majoring in Social Work and Psychology at the University of Cape Town, Tasmyn founded Tasmyn Danae Designs. With the support of her family, Tasmyn began selling her energetically imbued mandalas, privately and to stores around Cape Town, as a way to both fulfill her passion for design and entrepeneurship, and to bring a little joy, to the lives of those around her. At the time, Covid was impacting on the quality of life of many South Africans, and Tasmyn felt that it was the perfect time to spread the message of self-care, and care for others. 


International Adventures

After graduating as a social worker, Tasmyn had gained invaluable humanitarian experience, working alongside some of South Africa's most vulnerable women and children. This valuable and challenging work still has a special place in Tasmyn's heart and she hopes to continue to make a positive contribution to the lives of the women and men in her beautiful country through outreach work. After taking a leap of faith to start a new life in Switzerland, Tasmyn met her husband, and now lives in Zurich, where she continues to provide design services and create art, this time with a deeper connection to her roots in Africa.

Making a difference

Africa has Heart

Africa has Heart is an initiative, focusing on connecting Europe, to the mother land - Mamma Africa. South Africa is the birth place of humanity, and is home to the Cradle of Humankind, the largest concentration of human ancestral remains anywhere in the world. South Africa is a rich and beautiful country, home to some of the worlds' most beautiful landscapes and a culturally diverse rainbow nation who represent unity and peace. By working with Tasmyn Danae Designs, you are actively contributing to the betterment of this wonderful country. You are an active member of the Africa has Heart initiative, which aims to show companionship and care, for the people who are working selflessly to provide needed humanitarian aid, to the people of South Africa. 

To share Joy with others, is to have Joy within yourself

Happy customers at Baraka Gifts

Intuitive Design 
& Design Collaboration

"I want to work with you! My passion lies in working one-on-one with small business owners and entrepeneurs.

I support you through the entire design process, whether it be building a new website, creating a new business card, designing your company logo, or showcasing your brands online presence. I believe that collaboration is the backbone of design, and together we can create a unique, tailored design that meets all of your needs. My aim is also to help you become independent and confident in your ability to become self-sustainable in your own business design needs."

Tasmyn Danae

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